When you've sent out an External Request to a Promoter, it can sometimes be useful to add a team member to the Request. Connected team members will be notified if there are updates to the request.  

Add a team member to the request
To do this, simply open the request through your 'alarm bell' in ABOSS and click on the advancing you want to add a team member to. 

On the right side of the Request information you will see the Contact in this conversation. Below that you find the option to 'Add someone from the team'.

Clicking on that will reveal a list of team mates available.
Note: Added team members will display a square icon. Connected contacts will display with a circle icon. 

Click the person you want to add to the request to and you are done. 

Your teammate will now be able to see the request under his or her 'alarm bell'. Your teammate will also be notified if there are any updates on this request. 

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