ABOSS delivers a powerful suite of back office solutions for booking agencies to create new efficiencies in their work with artists. ABOSS enables booking agencies to focus on what booking agencies do best; Connecting the art with fans and venues around the world.

In this article you will learn how to navigate through all the modules that are available for you as an ABOSS Agency user.

Login for the first time
When you log in for the first time you will be greeted with our onboarding tool. This tool will help you get started using ABOSS and lets you complete your user profile. When you open a module or feature for the first time you will get an overview of what the module is all about.

Once the onboarding is complete you will be directed to the main dashboard overview. Here you will find all your upcoming events. 

Artist specific
By default you will see all your projects in the dashboard overview. You can navigate to a certain artist through our Project selector, located in the topbar. Switching to a specific project gives you an overview of all available modules for this specific project located on the left. 

All functionalities in ABOSS have been separated into different modules. Each module that you have access to is accessible through the navigation bar located on the left side of your screen.

Want to see only the invoices you sent for a specific artist? Select the artist and navigate to the invoices module.

Notifications and updates
The alarm bell, located in the top right corner of ABOSS, will notify you in case there are unread notifications. All your To-Dos, External Request or new incoming request through the bookingform are received through the notification panel. Click on the alarm bell to see your notification. 

Add a new booking
The blue button in the top bar will let you add a new booking to the system. A wizard will open where you can select the artist you want to add a booking for. It will let you connect client details, event location, event dates, etc. 

Submit the booking to add the event to your calendar. From the dashboard view you can open events by clicking the event name. 

Profile settings
Your profile settings can be found by clicking your username in the top right corner of ABOSS. Here you can change personal details, upload a signature or change your password. 

From anywhere in the system you can return to the 'All Projects' dashboard overview, by clicking the ABOSS icon in the upper left corner of ABOSS. 

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