With the ABOSS invoice module, you can export your selection as a Excel or CSV file. We also have the option to export all invoices as PDF's in a ZIP file. 

You can create a custom selection, using the date picker, or you can select all invoices of a certain project and export them to PDF files. 

Create your selection
Select a specific project or select 'All projects' from the dropdown menu for your export selection. 

Create custom filter options to select a date range, or only select paid invoices for example. 

Export to CSV, Excel or PDF's
When you are happy with your selection, it is time to export to the desired format. We have 3 options available. 

  • Excel, this will generate a XLS overview of the invoices, including details and amounts
  • CSV, same output as XLS, but as text and ';' separated
  • PDF, export all invoices as individual PDF's in a ZIP file

To export your selection, click the export button in the top right corner of ABOSS and select your format.

The Excel file or CSV files will be downloaded to your computer straight away. 

Note: if the export isn't working in your browser, your popups may be blocked. Here you can read how to allow the popups in your browser. 

Export selection as a ZIP File
When you want to download all PDF's from your selection click the 'Export selection as ZIP File' option. 

You will see a notification popup, informing you that your invoices are being generated. You will receive an email when this proces is finished. Depending on the amount of invoices, this action can take a bit of time. 

When the export is done, you will receive an email containing the download link to the ZIP file. Click the link to download your file. 

Note: If you don't receive the email link, make sure to check your SPAM folder as well.

The Export function of invoices is available for anyone with 'view', 'manage', or 'administrate' permissions on invoices. 

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