Working on the advancing
While completing the advancing of an event in the advancing tab, you can check off the items that are complete. Hover your mouse cursor over the dot in the right corner of a advancing item. The default dot is grey.

There are 3 other options. 

  • Red: Information is not yet gathered
  • Orange: working on it! For example, you still need the time for the soundcheck.
  • Green: complete

Advancing Dashboard
When you want to see an overview of how far the advancing is per show, you can take a look at the advancing dashboard. To open the dashboard click on the icon in the sidebar.

This wil give you a dashboard overview of the events and their advancing state.

Just as in the ABOSS dashboard you can select columns to show in the advancing dashboard. Click on the "Select columns" button on the right of the screen to select your columns.

Advancing state per item
The dashboard wil show the state of the individual items from the event. Setting a state works both ways. You can set the state in two ways:

  • You can change the state from within the event by clicking the dot.
  • You can change the state from within the advancing dashboard by clicking a checkbox and selecting the right state.

No matter which way you choose, both states are linked to each other and will show the same states.

It provides an easy way to manage the state of your advancing. 

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