You can set a default body text for the emails you send out through ABOSS. 

You can set a default text for the following items:

  • Invoice
  • Contract
  • Guest list
  • Itinerary

Create a Template
To create a template navigate to Office.

Click on "Mail Templates".

Select which template you want to create by clicking the selection box, add the title for your template and click on "Create new template". 

The editor screen will now open. In this screen you can;

  • add standard email addresses for the to, cc and bcc fields
  • add a standard subject for the template
  • add the text you'd like to show in your email

After making the changes you're happy with you can save the template by clicking on the 'Save template' button.

Using the Templates
When you send out an invoice we'll automatically select the default template you've selected. If you'd like to use another template you can select the desired template from the dropdown menu on the bottom left of the mail screen.

You can personalise the default text in the body text by adding or removing text. You can add a first name for example or a personal text.

Important note: There is no option to add dynamic fields to the template like in the invoice or contract templates. 

Now you can send out the mail without having to fill out the body text each time you do this. 

The recipient will receive the email like this, with your agency logo.

You can now set the mail templates for sending your contracts, guest list and itineraries.

Keep in mind, we also have the option to send out your contract with the attached invoices from within an event. You might want to adapt your contract body text on this feature. 

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