The artist informs you that he is on a holiday for a couple of weeks. You can block the calendar for the artist for this period. 

How to set a calendar block?

First, you need to select your project. 

Next, open the calendar tab.

From the calendar you can now click on the day you want the block to start. A popup window will appear where you can enter an event. 

Select the Block icon

Block details
By default the event will be named "Block". You can edit the title of the block by changing the name. You can set the duration of the block by using the date picker. 

Add additional information
You can also optionally "Add a contact" to the block. If for example only the drummer is on holiday, you can add the drummer as a contact. You can also add a note about the block. 

Click on "Save Block" and the block will be visible in the Calendar and Dashboard overview. 

Sharing the block
The block is now also being shared in the calendar for the artist and crew that has been invited to use ABOSS.

Blocks will be visible in the ABOSS App (iOS) and the mobile browser (All platforms). 

Block show up as Conflicts
The Block status will also be visible while adding new bookings to the system. When entering a booking in or around a blocked period, you will see this show up as a conflict. 

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