To add a new invoice for a project, first go to the project environment by selecting the project in the top left corner of ABOSS and click the invoices item in the left menu. To add a new invoice, click the ‘+’ icon next to the search input at the top of the invoice list on the left. You will be redirected to your new invoice.
Your new invoice will automatically appear in you invoice module. In the top of the invoice you see the statuses “Ready”, “Sent” and “Paid”.

When you select “Ready” the invoice will receive a checkmark () in the list, that way you or the accountant knows that the invoice is complete and ready to be sent.
When you send an invoice the status will be automatically be set on “Sent” and the status color will change to orange.
When you check the “Paid” button the status will change to a green color.

You can link a company or contact by clicking on the chain button on the left side in the upper bar.

To add a post to your invoice, add a description, an amount and click on the green ‘+’ icon to add this post to your invoice.

You can select the deadline for payments in days (Counting from the invoice date) and change the currency you’d like to send the invoice in.

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