You can invite team members to your ABOSS Artist account from the ABOSS system. You can give each individual team member their own set of permissions after inviting them.

Create a contact
To invite a new team member, you first need to add him to your contact database located on the left of the screen.

Click the add "New Contact" button or click the "+" button next to the "Search..." bar.

A popup window will appear. Fill out the details and click "Add Contact" to confirm.
Note: To be able to invite a new user to the system you need to add a Firstname and an email address.

Invite the user
After you've added the contact you can invite him to your artist account by clicking on the green button "Invite to ABOSS" located in the top right corner of the contact's details. 

You can add a short message for the team member in the popup and invite the user by clicking on "Invite". 

Set permissions
A popup will appear where you can set the specific permissions for this user.

When you set the user permissions, scroll down to the bottom of the popup and click "Done".

The inventation is now sent. You will see that the inventation is pending in the top right corner of the screen. 

What happens next?
The user will receive an email with instructions.

Clicking on "Create your account" will give the user the option to create a password. Clicking on "Sign up" will create the account. After that the user can log in to 

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