You can change a users permissions from the settings menu. Click on Settings in the sidebar on the left of the screen.

Click on "User Management" and click on the lock button to change permissions for a specific user.

A popup will appear where you can change the user permissions.

You have the following options to set the permissions:

  • None, the user will not see this module of ABOSS
  • View, the user can see the module and it's information, but can not edit the information
  • Manage, the user can see this module and edit the information, but can not delete the item that contains the information
  • Administrate, the user can see and edit the information and the user can delete the item

This way you can manage who can view, edit or delete certain parts of ABOSS. 

Linked to Availability
In an ABOSS event you can link the artist or crew to the event. With the linked to Availability setting you have the option to only present the events to the user, if they are connected to the event.

Events where the user is not linked to is invisible for the user. 

All permissions set?
Once you have set the proper permissions you can close the screen by clicking done at the bottom of the page. 

Remove a User for ABOSS
If you want to remove a user from ABOSS you can click on the prohibited icon. 

The user will not be able to login ABOSS anymore after removing the user. The details of the user will be saved in the Contacts module.

Grant access for a deleted user?
If you want to reconnect a user that has used ABOSS before, you can invite them again from the Contacts module. The user can login with the previous password.

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