So you would like to send out an external advancing request to your promoter. You can do this with ABOSS. 

Create a request
To send out and create an external advancing request click on the alarm bell in the top bar.

Click on the "+" icon to create a new External Request. 

A new window will appear. Here you can:

  • add a title for the external advancing request
  • add a general description to your request
  • add one or more contacts that you want to send the request to

Add your Recipients
The next option will let you link persons to the request. Click on "Add Recipient" to add a contact from your contact database. 

Click on "Add Recipient" again to add multiple contacts. 

Link the request to your Event(s)
For which event do you need the information? You can add multiple events to the request if you like. Click on the "Add Event" button. A calendar window will popup, where you can select the event. 

Template selection
Select the template you want to use. This will be a layout you saved when sending out a previous request. This is an optional step. 

If you don't want to use a template, you can select the fields you want information about to add to your event.

  • Which stage is your artist playing?
  • Who is the stagemanager? 
  • Which dressing room will be provided?
  • What is the Navigation Address?

Tick the boxes and when you are done click the "Add Selection"  button at the bottom of the page. 

The fields will now be added to the request. You can add comments to the individual fields and you can drag the fields in any desired order bij dragging the striped buttons at the beginning of the fields.

Adding or removing Fields

If you forgot to add a field you can add a field by hovering your mouse over the list and add a field by clicking the blue "+".

The Field selection box pops up and you can add the desired Fields to the selection. To remove a field, simply click the trashcan icon. 

Save the selection as a template
Here you have the option to save the selection as a template. Click the "Save as new Template" button. 

You can add a title for the template here and optionally connect the template to a project. 

Next time you send out a request, you can use the template.
Note: All comments per field and the general description will also be saved in the template. 

Send out the request
Click the send button and the request is sent to the promoter. 

When your request has been sent succesfully, you will see a short summary of the request. 

What happens next?
The promoter will receive the email with the request. 

Opening the link in the email will start a browser session. The promoter will see the requested information items on the left side of the screen and he or she can fill them out. Once they click on submit the information will be send to your ABOSS environment and you will be notified through the alarm bell in the top bar.

If all requested information is correct, the promoter is now done. 

Notification in ABOSS
Your Alarm bell in the top bar will alert you that something needs your attention. Click on it and select the advancing request you want to work on. 

You will see an overview of the request. 

You can now edit the details and you can approve, decline or delete the individual items. 

If you approve an item it will be added to the advancing tab in your event. 

If the information is not complete you can decline the item and add a comment. Click on "decline".

You will see that you declined the information and you will see your comment. 

Click on the "Mail Reminder" button to send the request back to the promoter. The promoter will receive a new email and can see what information is missing or why you declined the item. Once the additional information is filled out by the promoter you will receive a new notification and you can approve the item again. 

This is basically how you can use the external advancing module to send out your requests. 

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