Welcome to ABOSS! 

This article helps you get started with ABOSS Artist. It shows you how to setup your environment to get the most out of your workflow. When you are finished following the steps in this article you can:

  • Invite users and set their permissions
  • Add contacts to your contactdatabase and use the contacts in your events or notes
  • Use the calendar and add labels to events or notes.
  • Link contacts to events and check their availabilty
  • Create Export files for planning, activities, availability of contacts and finance
  • Create Invoices, send them and check their progress
  • Upload files and share them with users
  • Advance a show manually or externally and check your progress on the advancing by using the Advancing Dashboard
  • Request Advancing information from the promoter and set up templates to make this quicker and easier
  • Use the Location database to keep track of your venues
  • Integrate your events to your website, Facebook, Bandsintown and Fangage
  • Share your calendar with your Agency to work smarter together
  • Use Free support by using the support button located in the bottom right corner in ABOSS

Note: Connect us with your Agency if they do not work with ABOSS yet and earn free months of ABOSS Artist

Some more useful links:

Login to ABOSS
You can login to ABOSS at https://artist.a-boss.net with your email address and password. When you've forgotten your password, you can request to setup a new password at https://artist.a-boss.net/my/users/password/new.

When you login you will be presented with the Dashboard. This will give you an overview of your activities for the next couple of days.

In the video below, you see a short demo about logging in, a brief overview about the interface and it shows you how to select your Projects. 

Setting up your Account details
You will find your Profile settings by clicking your name in the top right corner. Here you can add a profile picture, change your personal details or your password. 

Under 'Settings' located in the sidebar on the left, you can fill out all details about your Artist account. Such as your Artist Logo, Contact information and Financial information. This information will be used by ABOSS to show on your Invoices and Itineraries for example.

Invite Users to your Account
You can invite team members to your ABOSS Artist account from the ABOSS system. You can give each individual team member their own set of permissions after inviting them.

To invite a new team member, you first need to add him to your contact database. You can do this by going to the Contacts module through the navigation bar located on the left. You can add a new contact through the plus icon (+) located at the top next to the search form, to be able to invite a new user to the system you need to add a first name and an email address.

After you've added the contact you can invite him to your artist account by clicking on the green button 'Invite to ABOSS' located in the top right corner. You can add a short message for the team member in the popup and invite the users by clicking on 'Invite'. After this step, another popup will appear where you can set the specific permissions for this user.

Examples of users you can add:

  • Your accountant. The accountant needs permissions for Finance, show deals and needs to be able to manage invoices. 
  • Your tourmanager needs contacts, calendar events and advancing permissions. 
  • Your PR agent needs calendar events permissions.
  • Your travel agent needs travel and calandar permissions. 
  • Your studio producer that only needs permissions for studio events. 
  • You can also add a band or crew member that only needs to see shows where he is linked to the availability on events or travel items.


With ABOSS you can add notes and events to your calendar. There is a difference between a note and an event. 

  • A note is an internal note within ABOSS. With the permissions you can choose who can an cannot see these notes. Notes will never be shared with your Agency.
  • An event can be pretty much anything. This can be a show, interview, release, studio project, etc. Events can be shared with your Agency if you choose to do so.

Add a note to the calendar
To add a note to the calendar of the artist click on the calendar module located in the navigation bar on the left. Click on the day that you'd like to add the note and a popup will appear from where you can (Based on your own permissions) add a note. Select the note on the left side of the popup. You can add the title for the note, select a time by first deselecting the 'All Day; checkbox and add an optional description to the note. Click on the 'Save Note' button to add the note to the calendar.

Add an event to your calendar
To add an event to the calendar of the artist you first have to go to the calendar module located in the navigation bar on the left. Click on the day that you'd like to add the event and a popup will appear from where you can (Based on your own permissions) add an event, block item and/or travel item. In this case we will select the event on the left side of the popup. You can add the title for the event, select a time by first deselecting the TBA checkbox, add an optional description and link a location to the event. Click on the 'Save Note' button to add the note to the calendar.

In the night feature
When a show occurs after midnight you can use the in the night option to order the events correctly in your overview.

Invite a contact to a note or event
You can invite contacts to a note or an event and ask for their availability. This can be very useful when you want to have a team meeting for example.
To invite a contact, first go to the note or event that you'd like to invite the contact to.
You'll see the availability information located on the right in the event, here you can link contacts as Artist, Crew or Other. To link a contact, click the chain icon located on the right for the Artist, Crew or Other. A popup with all your contacts will appear, select the contact you'd like to add or add a new contact. 

You also have the option to link all Artists or Crew at once. 

Calendar Labels
You can use labels for different kind of activities such as:

  • Promo's
  • Interviews
  • Studio Projects
  • Releases
  • Private Activities

You can add an unlimited number of labels, so you can add different labels for any kind of event and note. It's also possible to setup permissions based on labels. For example:

  • The press agent can manage press events to your calendar but can only view shows and release dates with view permissions (No deal permissions).
  • The tourmanager can view all the shows, but can manage all the advancing and travel around the show.

In the overview you can view all your events with all related information in a single table view. 

You can select different columns for your overview. You can create a financial view and for example one for the availabilities of the artist/crew. Selections can be saved as templates for easy switching between views.

You can filter the event selection by date, status and search on specific information for each event.


With the invoices module you can build, generate, administrate and send your invoices. You can also keep track of the status of the invoices. Is the invoice ready, sent or (partially) paid.

Add custom lines to the booking
You can add a post to your invoice, add a description, an amount and click on the green ‘+’ icon to add this post to your invoice.

You can select the deadline for payments in days (Counting from the invoice date) and change the currency you’d like to send the invoice in.

Send your invoice
Invoices can be sent directly from ABOSS with the mail button.

A pop up screen will appear where you can set up your mail. You can create your subject, add 'to', 'cc' and 'bcc' addresses, write your message and add attachments. You can select a contact from your contact list or add a new email address and press ENTER which will result in:

To add more attachments, click on the '+' button at the bottom right. Now you can search and select files from your own database and add them to the email. Click 'Attach to email' to add the files.

You can add a note to the email and send it.

Filter your Invoice list
To filter your invoice list, click the filter icon located in the search bar at the top of the list. This will open the filter popup.

You can filter your invoice list on project, date and status.
The default view for the list is the whole year you’re currently in. To change the dates, click on either the 'from' or 'to' date and select the required date from the date picker.

Only want to see all invoices that are ready to send or view all your paid invoices? You can select multiple statuses to view all invoices corresponding with that status.

  • Open: All invoices that haven’t been sent and/or paid.
  • Ready: All invoices that are checked as ready.
  • Sent: All invoices that are sent.
  • Paid: All invoices that are paid.


There are two ways to start the advancing of a show.

External Request for Advancing
You can send a link to the promoter and let them fill out all the information about the event. Add the received information straight into ABOSS. After approval of the agent the information will be added to the booking. 

Advance Manually

While completing the advancing of an event in the advancing tab, you can check off the items that are complete. Hover your mouse cursor over the dot in the right corner of an advancing item. The dot is grey by default.

There are 3 other options. 

  • Red: Information is not yet gathered.
  • Orange: working on it! For example, you still need the time for the soundcheck.
  • Green: complete.

Advancing Dashboard
When you want to see an overview of how far the advancing is per show, you can use the Advancing dashboard. To open the dashboard, click on the icon in the sidebar.

This will give you a dashboard overview of the events and their advancing status.

Just as in the ABOSS dashboard you can select columns to show in the advancing dashboard. Click on the 'Select columns' button on the right of the screen to select your columns.

Advancing status per item
The dashboard will show the status of the individual items from the event. Setting a status works both ways. You can set the status in two ways:

  • You can change the status from within the event by clicking the dot.
  • You can change the status from within the advancing dashboard by clicking a checkbox and selecting the right status.

No matter which way you choose, both statuses are linked to each other and will show the same status.

It provides you with an easy way to manage the status of your advancing. 


You can add flights, hotels, car pickups, train and boat items directly to your event.


You can select a location or a hall from your location database. You can find the location module in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.
Search for specific locations by entering the location name in the searchbar.
When there are halls linked to the location you will see them displayed with the hall icon underneath the location. Selecting the hall directly will select both the location address together with the specific hall for this location.

If the location is not yet in your database the display asks you to add it as a 'new location', click the '+' button to find your location through Google Maps and add the location to your own database.


Share your calendar with your Agency when they also use ABOSS. They can share their data with the Artist and the Artist can share data with the Agency. 

You can share:

  • Calendar
  • Deal Information
  • Financial (Artist) Statements
  • Contracts
  • Files

Let us know when your Agency is using ABOSS so we can connect you with each other.


Display your upcoming shows on Facebook or Bandsintown, with our Integration feature. Share the event website and ticket link automatically. Go to your project in ABOSS and go to Settings. Select the menu item Integrations. 

Here you can add your ABOSS project to your Facebook Page tab. Click on the button ‘Add ABOSS to your Facebook Page’, this will direct you to Facebook. Select the page you’d like to add the integration to on Facebook and click on ‘Add Page Tab’.

Facebook will forward you back to ABOSS.

To connect with Bandsintown login with the connected Facebook account. 

Note: Keep in mind that it can take up to 12 hours for shows to be visible on Bandsintown once they are set public.

Authorization (Optional)
In some cases ABOSS needs to request additional authorization from your account to connect to Facebook. Login with your ABOSS credentials and select Authorize on the following prompt to authorize Facebook to use your data from ABOSS.

You’ll be redirected to the Customization environment and your tab is successfully added to your Facebook Page.

Website Integration
Integrate with our ABOSS API to display all shows and their relevant information automatically on your website in your own style.
For more information about our API go to https://data.a-boss.net
For WordPress users, go to https://github.com/ABOSSBV/aboss_wordpress

Sync your ABOSS calendar with your calendar

You can also sync the ABOSS calendar with your own calendar on your laptop or phone, for more information go to: http://support.a-boss.net/add-aboss-calendar-calendar-software/
Note: due to Google limitations it can take up to 24 hours for events that are altered in ABOSS to refresh in the calendar feed.


If you have any questions or problems you can contact support by clicking on the Chat icon in the lower right corner of any of the screens within ABOSS.

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