This article will show you how to add a show to the Calendar of the artist.

1. Go to Optional: For easy access you can bookmark the page in your browser. 

2. Select the project (artist) in the left top corner

3. Click on the Calendar icon on the left side of ABOSS.

4. Click on a date and select the mic symbol in the screen that pops up.

5. Important: Select your label that was created for you by the artist. In this example we use 'External Booker'.

6. Add an event title. In this example we use 'Climax Festival'. You can change the date here as well and if you want to set the show time, de-select 'TBA'.

7. Click on the green 'Save Event' button as shown in the screenshot above.
8. Open the event from the Calendar by clicking the event.

9. Add the location of the event by clicking the 'chain' icon. 

A popup will appear where you can search your database for an existing location. If the location is not in the database yet, you can add it via Google search. Click on the result you want to add.

The location is now connected. 

10. Add additional information.

  • Add notes, visible for all users that have permissions to view events of this project.
  • Add Administrative notes, only visible for users with Admin rights for this project. Here you could add deal notes for example.
  • Set the status of the show. Confirmed, Option, Interest and Cancelled are the options here
  • Set the times of the event and set the 'in the night option' if the show starts after midnight. 
  • Add event Files. You can upload event files. These files are shared with the artist and crew.

Here you can view how a complete filled out event would appear in ABOSS.

If you have questions, click on the chat icon in the lower right corner in ABOSS Artist.

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