Here you can read how you can let your booking agent (that is not using ABOSS), add shows to the calendar of the artist.

  1. Add an 'event label

Add an event label with the name of the booking agent.

You can create a new event label from within an event. Open an event and type the name of the new event label. Click enter to confirm. In this example we use 'External Booker'.

1.1. Customize your event label (optional)
Go to 'settings' and click 'event labels'

Select a color for the label and click on the star to apply the color. It is now visible in the calendar with this color. 

2. invite the user
Invite the external booking agent as a user. Select an existing contact or add a new one.
Clink on the link profile button located in the top right corner of ABOSS.

3. Set permissions
In the popup that appears, set the following permissions:

4. Send the instructions to the user
Send him/ her the following link to the instructions on how to add a show to your calendar. (aanvullen als Artikel gereed is)

If you have questions, click on the chat icon in the lower right corner in ABOSS Artist.

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