The calendar is the module to view everything in a monthly calendar view. Filter on projects, show travel items or link the calendar to your iCal or Google calendar.

Notes, Events, Travel items and Blocks
Your calendar can be populated with different types of items; notes, events, travel items and blocks. Events will have the color of their current status; blue for interest, orange for option and green for confirmed items. Travel items are burgundy colored and have an icon indicating the type of travel item.

Shared events
When you're sharing the calendar with another agency you'll be able to see the events and travels shared by them in this calendar. Shared events and travels are indicated by the sharing icon  on the right of each item.

To only show specific items in your calendar you can use the legend in the calendar to filter your calendar view. You can open the legend by clicking on the 'Calendar' button located on the top of the calendar. This option is only available when you're viewing the calendar from the All Projects selection in the top left of the screen. Make a selection of projects you'd like to view in the calendar or select All Projects to view everything.

Project Calendar / Personal Calendar
To add a new item to the calendar of an artist you first need to browse to the calendar of the specific project. You can do this by selecting the project on the Project bar on the top left of your screen.
When adding an item to the calendar from the All Projects view, this will only be visible for you personal (Personal Note).

It's all in the name; events. Events can be enriched with more information such as the deal, advancing, invoices, the guestlist and more. Events will show up in the color of their current status so it's easy to see the current status for each event in your calendar.

Travel Item
Each travel item can be designated as a flight, hotel stay, car pick up, train or boat ride. Use our flight integration to find each flight with their flight number and have ABOSS do most of the heavy lifting. Attach passengers to each item to inform them with specific information such as their booking number or seat.

Block Item
Is the artist or a crew member temporarily unavailable for a specific period due to a holiday, sickness or other personal reasons? Add a block item to the calendar to keep track of each person right in the calendar.

Share the calendar with your mobile calendar
It's possible to add your ABOSS calendar to your mobile ICS calendar feed, this will automatically add new and updated events to your mobile calendar. For more information on how to setup this feed, check out our help article.

Add shows to Facebook
You can add all your events that have been set public to your Facebook page. To add the calendar to your Facebook page, click on the  icon (Only visible in the calendar of a single project) on the top left to link the calendar to your Facebook page. The Facebook integration will only show events that have been set public.

Link your Bandsintown account with ABOSS
You can setup the integration with Bandsintown from the calendar. To add the Bandsintown integration click on the 'Bandsintown' button located in the top left (Only visible in the calendar of a single project) and link your Facebook page. Bandsintown will sync with ABOSS twice a day.

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