If you want to display your events on Facebook, Bandsintown or your website, you can choose to set events Public within ABOSS. 

Select your event
Click on the event you want to set Public.
Note: You will need manage permissions on events to be able to set events public. 

You can find the switch in the event tab located on the left side of the screen. Tick the switch and the event will be shown on the connected services.

Select a date to set the event Public
You also have the option to set an event Public on a date in the future. Click on "select a date to set it public"

You will now get the option to select a date on which the event may be published. 

Click on the green ">" to confirm. 

Set events public from the Dashboard overview
In the Dashboard overview you can select the column "API Public". This column will show you the Public status of events. To add this column, click on the "select columns" icon and scroll down to "API Public". Click on it to make it active. 

Now you will see the "API Public" column in your dashboard.  

The arrow will display the Public status of the event.

  • a black arrow means the event is not public
  • a green arrow means the event is set to public
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