Invoice Numbering
Add a new invoice numbering to your agency and we'll automatically number all your new invoices when selecting this group.

To setup your range for invoice numbering click on the "Office" icon.

Next, select "Invoice numbering"

  • Title: name the range you want to add by filling out the "Title" box
  • Format: Use [number] in your format where you'd like to add the dynamic number. For example: ABOSS2016[number]
  • Total digits: select the number of digits you want to display in your range. For example: 5 digits will output ABOSS201600000
  • Invoice Count: This will display the last number that was distributed. For example: If the Invoice count is set to 7352, the next invoice number will display ABOSS201607353

Click on Create Group to add the range to your agency environment. 

When creating an invoice you can now select the range (in this case ABOSS 2016) to generate the next invoice number. 

This will be your output on the invoice:

Contract Numbering
To setup your range for contract numbering click on the "Office" icon.

Next, select "Contract Numbering"

You can add the ranges in the exact same way as with "Invoice Numbering" 

Note: You can add up to 25 different ranges for invoice and contract numbering.

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