With ABOSS you can validate European VAT-numbers of the clients you work with. We connect with the VIES database. 

What is VIES?
VIES stands for VAT Information Exchange System. It is an online service to verify the validity of a VAT-number. 

How to use the VIES connection within ABOSS?
You can add, change or check VAT-numbers from your company contacts. Open "Contacts" by clicking the icon. 

Search or add the company you want to check the VAT-number for. Here you will find the "VAT Number" field. Enter the number if the field is empty and click on the search icon next to the number. 

Two things can happen. 

  • The number is invalid or can not be found
    Remember, the VIES check only works for European countries that participate in providing data for the VIES-database. 
  • The number is found and valid
    Make sure you can match the company name that is being displayed with the client you work with. Good job, you did not make a typo! 

If the number can't be found, you can still leave the VAT-number registered in your contacts information. 

Checking the VIES database while making an invoice
You can also check the VAT-number while making your invoices. Add a new invoice or open an invoice you've created.

You will see the search icon next to the "VAT" Number field. Enter the number if it's not already filled out and click the search button. 

This function helps you to make sure you mention the right VAT-number!

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