With ABOSS you are able to send out an Artist Statement. You find the option under the export button in the dashboard. 

Select your Artist
First select your project under "All Projects".

Date selection
Select your time range. In this case all events for this artist are taking place in Januari. If you want to make make Statements for other artists as well, you can lock the date selection bij clicking the lock icon. 

Select your Columns
Select the columns you want to display on the Artist Statement. 

Save the selection (once)
Once you are happy with your selection, you can save the selection to a dashboard template. Click on the "Column templates" icon and name your selection. In this case I used the "Artist Statement" as a name. You can now quickly switch between dashboard selections. 

Export the File
Next you want to export your Artist Statement. Click on the "Export selection" icon and choose Download Artist Statement. The PDF file will open in a new browser tab. 

Save or Print
You have the option to Print or Save the file. Download the file to send it to the artist. 

You are now done exporting the file and you can choose you next Artist by selecting a different project. 

Important note: If clicking the Download button does not result in a download, your popups may be blocked by the browser. Click here to read how to allow the popups.

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