With ABOSS you have the ability to block your calendar for personal events. When you are not available to perform on certain dates you can block your ABOSS calendar and you share these dates with your Agency. 

The Agency will know when you are not available. This saves you and the Agency time.

To block your calendar navigate to the Calendar.

Note: If you are invited to multiple projects, you have to select the project first to set the block and make sure you are not working under "All Projects". 

Add a new Block
From the calendar you can now click on the day you want the block to start. A popup window will appear where you can set the block.

Select the dates
You can select the date range by using the date picker. You have the option to register "All Day" events, but you can also add a block for half a day by setting the times. 

Click on "Save Block" to add the block to the calendar. 

Your calendar will show the block like the example below. 

Edit or remove the Block
You can edit the block by clicking on it. A popup will appear. 

  • You can change the dates and times and click on "Save Block"
  • You can delete the block by clicking "Delete This Block Event"

Share with the Agency
The Agency will now also see this block in their calendar. When they book a show for the Artist they will see that the Artist is not available on these dates. 

You can manage your own calendar this way and save time on communicating with the Agency!

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