With ABOSS you have the ability to block your calendar for personal events. When you are not available to perform on certain dates you can block your ABOSS calendar and you share these dates with your Agency. 

Important note:
By default users will have no permissions to view or set a block in the calendar. To find out more information about setting permissions for the Calendar Block click the button below.

How to set a calendar block?
First, you need to select your project. 

Note: Selecting the project only applies if you have access rights to multiple projects. Make sure you are not working under "All Projects". 

Next, open the calendar tab.

Add a new Block
From the calendar you can now click on the day you want the block to start. A popup window will appear where you can enter an event. 

Select the Block icon

Block details
By default the event will be named "Block". You can edit the title of the block by changing the name. You can set the duration of the block by using the date picker. 

Add additional information
You can also optionally "Add a contact" to the block. If for example only the drummer is on holiday, you can add the drummer as a contact. You can also add a note about the block. 

Click on "Save Block" and the block will be visible in the Calendar and Dashboard overview. 

Share with the Agency
The Agency will now also see this block in their calendar. When they try to book a show for the Artist they will see that the Artist is not available on these dates.

A Calendar Block will be visible in the browser on your computer, in the ABOSS App (iOS) and the mobile browser (All platforms). A Block will also be visible in the .ICS feed.

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