With ABOSS you have the option to make a copy of an event to a different date or a different artists.

To copy an event, simply open the event you want to copy and click on the "Duplicate Event" button located in the upper right corner of the screen.   

A new option screen opens. 

Choose your project(s)
First you can choose if you want to copy the event to the same artist or if you want to select a different artist. You can even select multiple artists if you like. 

Change Event time or date
If you need to change times of the event of the date you can also adjust that here. 

Additional Copy actions
At the bottom of the page you can choose to: 

  • Copy Current Location: This will link the same location to the new events. If you deselect the switch, the new location will be blank. 
  • Copy Current Advancing: This will copy all the filled out advancing fields from the original event. 
  • Copy Current Deal: This copies the deal from the original event. 

To finalise the Duplication click on "Duplicate Event".

You can now view your new event(s) in your Calandar or Dashboard overview. 

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