With the Time Schedule function the Artist and Crew know exactly at what time they are expected to arrive at the venue, do the soundcheck and when they eat their dinner. 

Open the 'Advancing' tab and start planning the day. Enter the times and add a title. Press enter or press the green arrow to confirm. A new line will be added and you can enter the next item. 

Note: Do not worry about the order of the Schedule. If you forget to add an entry, just add a new line. After refreshing the page, the schedule will be in the correct order. 

The Time Schedule will reflect on the Itinerary and in the App.

Some extra tips
When you enter a time we advice you to use 4 digits.
1AM would be 01:00.
8PM would be 20:00. 

For ABOSS a new day starts at 06:00. All hours before this are considered the previous day. Why do we do this? A lot of shows start in the evening or in the night. When a show starts in the evening you could have the following situation.

22:00 - 23:00 Soundcheck
00:30 - 02:30 Showtime

If we order purely on the numbers, the showtime would appear before the soundcheck and that would be a problem. 

Pro tip
If the order is of the schedule is wrong because you pass the 06:00 mark in your schedule, you can add a prefix to order the schedule. See the examples below.

Refresh the page, to see the adjusted order.

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