The invoice module is where you can search and filter through all your invoices in ABOSS. Export your current selection to an excel or PDF file for an easy overview of your current finances.

Invoice Items
Each invoice is represented as an item in the left list. Here you can see all the basic information such as the status (Orange is sent, green is paid), project, client, date, invoice number and the total amount for the invoice. Partial payments are indicated by a percentage in the orange box for an item.

Search & Filter invoices
You can use the search field to search on invoice number, client company or client name. To further filter the selection press the filter button indicated with the  icon. Here you can filter by date, status and select to show the total amount or total due amount.

Ordering your invoices
You can order your invoices by several different values such as invoice number, invoice date, event date, project, status, due date or amount. To reverse the order of the list click on the value for a second time. When you select either event date or due date, the date shown in the invoice item will display this date.

Create new invoice
Create a new invoice by pressing the blue + icon next to the search bar. This will create a new invoice and will show you the invoice.

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