Add a flight, hotel, pickup, boat or train item to your calendar and automatically link it to your event.

To add travel items to the calendar and link them to the event you can 'Add a title and select your travel item below'.

Click 'Add Travel item' to add the item to the calendar and to the event. 

The new travel item will now open and you can add your information. 

When adding Flights you can use our Flight integration. Simply add the flight number and click the search button. 

Note: We use an external service for our flight integration. It can happen that a certain flight can not be found or that it is registered under a different flightnumber. In this case you can always enter the details manually. 

Info and Passenger tabs
Most travel items contain two tabs. One for the information regarding the Hotel for example and there is a Guests/Passenger tab. 

The Guests or Passenger tab will contain the details of the persons connected to the travel item. 

The passenger information is also visible on the itinerary and in the ABOSS App.

Upload files
You can upload files to a travel item. This can be used for E-tickets, Passport copies, Etc. These files will also be visible in the ABOSS App. 

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