Sometimes you want to edit a single invoice. You can use the "Customize this invoice" option for that.

While working on an event, you find the "Customize this invoice" button on the invoice tab. Once you click on this, a new screen will appear. 

In the header of the new screen you find two options:

Edit with variable data
When you edit with variable data, you have the same options as with the normal invoice templates located in the office section. 

Edit with locked data *
When you edit with locked data, you see the document with all the liquid fields pre-filled from the event. You can edit the document in the editor screen. You can remove or add text wherever you would like.

As a final step you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green save bar 

Once you saved the invoice, the preview on the right side of the screen will automatically reload. 

* Important note!

Your template is now locked when editing with locked data. If you change anything in the event, the invoice will not be updated. Also, you need permissions within ABOSS to be able to edit invoices.

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