You can update your current external request to add, update or remove fields, invite new contacts or approvers and add or remove events.

Open your request
In order to update your current request, find the request in your sidebar and click on the title to view the update/approve page of your request.

General request info

The first block contains both the request title and description that will be shown on the first page for the promoter. You can update the title and description from here, view the external request on the external page to view what the promoter will see or open the report PDF.
You also have the option to send out a reminder to all contacts or send out the report pdf through email.


The Events block displays all current events linked to your request. Each request always needs at least one single event linked to the request. To add an event to your request, click on the Add Event button located in the top right corner and select the event from your calendar in the popup.

Clicking on the icon with the arrow will open the event in a new tab, the trash icon will remove the event from your request (This requires a save to confirm).

Participants / Approvers

Each event contains both participants and approvers.

Participants (External): Contacts from outside of the team, for example the promoter and technical contact at location. These contacts will receive an invite to add information to the requested fields on the external page.

Approvers (Internal): Users within your ABOSS team. These people will be able to edit the request from their own account and approve/decline incoming information.

You can add participants or approvers through the buttons located in the top right corner (This requires a save to confirm). Clicking on the trash icon will remove the participant/approver from the request. This will revoke their access to the external page (This requires a save to confirm).


The fields will display all open fields requested in your request, ordered by the fields that contain info first. You can update each field's title and description, update the information for each field, change the selection from All Events to either one or multiple specific events, add linked files to the event(s) or delete the fields all together (These require a save to confirm).

Fields - Update title and description
You can update the title and description of each field, the title of travel fields will be used as title for the travel event that will be created after approving. After changing the title and/or description you'll need to save the request in order to save your changes.

Fields - Event selection
Whenever your request contains multiple events you'll see the option to select either All Events or specific events for each field. When All Events is selected, the information from that field will be added to all events after you approve the information. When selecting one or multiple separate events in the selection the field will request information separate for each event.

Fields - Files
Whenever a participant uploads a file linked to a field, the file will be displayed at the bottom of the field. You can view this file through the icon with array, or save it to the event(s) with the save icon.

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