To add a new person to a company search for the existing company in the contact database. Click on the company to open the details. 

Next, click on the Contacts tab. 

Here you’ll see a list of all contacts that are currently linked to this company. To add a new person to this list, press the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner of the list and add all relevant information in the popup. Click 'Add Contact' to add the contact. 

Add an existing contact to the company
If you already have a contact in your database that needs to be linked to a company, search for the contact and click on it to open the details.

In the company area there should be ‘No Company’ displayed together with a small chain icon.

To link this contact to a company, press the ‘chain’ icon. Search for the name of the company in your address book in the popup. Click to confirm. 

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