Add a new travel item
You can add a new travel item by clicking on a date in the calendar and selecting the travel icon on the left side of the popup. You can select any of the 5 options (Hotel, Flight, Car, Boat or Train) by hovering over the blue circle with the travel icon.

Add a new travel item from an event
To add a new travel item, go to the event you want this travel item to be linked to, in the tab bar on top of your event, select Travel.
Here you can add a title for this travel event and choose any of the 5 options (Hotel, Flight, Car, Boat or Train). Each options has it’s own specific fields corresponding to your transportation (Flight has Flight Number, Car has Driver Name etc.). Press the ‘Add travel’ button to add the travel event to your calendar and event, you will be directed to the detailed travel information page.

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