When you’re adding or updating a flight item, you can use the Flight Number integration. With our flight number integration ABOSS will search for all the info associated (Departure and Arrival time, Airports, Carrier and Plane) with a flight number and travel date to automatically add to your travel item.

To use the flight number integration, add a new travel item or go to an existing travel item, add your flight number to the flight number field and press the search icon next to it. ABOSS will make a request to the flight database and return all available results associated with the flight number. You can select a flight by clicking the checkbox in front of the correct result and add it to your travel item by clicking ‘Select Flight’.

When the flight has a stop, you can select multiple items and ABOSS will automatically add the stop option to your travel item and add the Airport you’ll have a stop at as a ‘Via Airport’. This applies when the flight is technically one flight and you complete the flight on the same aircraft. 

All added travel items will be visible on the Itinerary. 

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