With ABOSS Agency you can invite Artist and Crew members to view the calendar of the artist in ABOSS Artist. 

To invite an Artist of Crew member to the Artist's calendar, click on 'Office'.

Project management Artist/Crew tab
Click on 'Project Management' and select the Project. Click on the Artis/Crew tab. 

Here you will get an overview of your invited users. 

Invite users
You can add a user by clicking the '+' button on either 'Artist' or 'Crew'. A popup will appear. Enter at least the First name and a valid email address. You can invite multiple users at once. Click 'Invite Artist/Crew' to send the invitations. 

The Artist/Crew members will receive an email with instructions.

Two things can happen: 

  • The Artist or Crew member already has an account. The user can then click the link 'Sign In with your current account'. After logging in the user will see the new project in their ABOSS Artist environment.
  • The Artist or Crew member is new to ABOSS. The user clicks on the 'Sign In' Button in the received email. The user can create a password, adjust de display name and click 'Sign Up' to complete the registration.

    Note: The password must contain a minimum of 8 characters. 

The Artist and Crew members can now login to ABOSS Artist by opening the browser and navigate to artist.a-boss.net. This works in any browser and also on mobile devices. 

iOS users can also download the ABOSS App from the Apple App Store. 

Manage users
From 'Project Management' you can maintain your invited Artist/Crew members. You can remove users from the 'Artist/Crew' tab by clicking the trash can.
You can also choose to share the Gross and Nett fee with certain artist or crew members. Click on the 'Euro' sign to share the fees. When the icon is blue, the fees are shared. If the icon is black, the fees will not be visible for the user. 

Important note: When the Artist Account is a paid account, you can not manage the crew members as an Agency user from the 'Project Management' page. With a paid ABOSS Artist account, the Artist is responsible for adding and removing Artist and Crew members.

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