The invoice module is where you can search and filter through all your invoices in ABOSS. Export your current selection to an Excel, CSV or PDF files for an easy overview of your current finances.

Invoice Items
Each invoice is represented as an item in the left list. Here you can see all the basic information such as the status (Orange is sent, green is paid), project, client, date, invoice number and the total amount for the invoice. Partial payments are indicated by a percentage in the orange box for an item.

Search & Filter invoices
You can use the search field to search on invoice number, client company or client name. To further filter the selection, press the filter button in the search bar. Here you can filter by date, status and select to show the total amount or total due amount.

Export your invoices
You can export your selection with our export button in the top right corner of ABOSS. Export your selection to an Excel or CSV file, or export all your invoices as seperate PDF's at once. 

Ordering your invoices
You can order your invoices by several different values such as invoice number, invoice date, event date, project, status, due date or amount. When you select either event date or due date, the date shown in the invoice item will display this date.

Adding an Invoice
Create a new invoice by pressing the blue + icon next to the search bar. This will create a new invoice and will show you the invoice. Invoices can also be added from within an event on the invoices tab. 

Link the contact
You can use the chain icon, located next to 'No contact linked to this invoice', to link a contact from your contact database to your invoice. This contact will be used as contact on the invoice, when the contact has been linked to a company the company name and address will be used.

Add your invoice number
You can add a manual invoice number to your invoice. You can also setup your invoice numbering through Office, this will make sure that each invoice will get it's own individual invoice number. After setting up your invoice numbering in Office, you can select the correct numbering when the invoice number field in the invoice is selected.

Add invoice posts
When using templates, the invoice can automatically be populated with the Performance and Booking fee. You can always add manual invoice posts to the invoice, each invoice post can be added with it's own VAT percentage. The invoice module will automatically calculate the total VAT for you.

Link events to your invoice
To link events to your invoice, press the  icon in the top right of your invoice. This will open the calendar, click on the event you'd like to add to the invoice to link it.

Credit invoice
When you need to credit your current invoice, click the arrow icon located on the top right of your invoice. This will create a new invoice with the same information as the original invoice. All invoice posts will also be added to the credit invoice, but the amount will be negative instead of positive.

Lock invoice
When you're done with an invoice and don't want the invoice to update based on updates in your event or deal, you can lock the invoice. This will lock the current PDF and changes will not be populated into the PDF. To lock the invoice click the  icon.

Update the invoice status
At the top of each invoice you can keep track of the current status of the invoice. Invoice Ready will add a checkmark icon to the invoice in the invoice list. This can be used to show that the invoice is ready to be sent. When you send the invoice through ABOSS, we will automatically update the status of the invoice to sent. When the invoice has been fully paid you have the option to check the Invoice Paid, this will turn the invoice status to green.

Send the invoice
You can email the invoice directly from ABOSS. To send the invoice to the recipient, click on the 'Mail invoice' button located next to the email address. This will open the email screen where you can enter other recipients, change the subject, add a body text to the email and add attachments. You can set a default body text for the emails by using the mail templates.

Select your template
The layout and information on the invoices is based on our invoice template system. You can setup multiple different templates in the Office module. When you have one or more templates setup you can select the template you'd like to use for your invoice through the select at the 'Use template' selector. 

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