In the Office module you can access all your ABOSS settings. Here you will find your Project information, Team Member settings and you Agency details.

Add and manage your Projects
In Project management you will find all your projects. At the end of the list you can add a new project by typing the artists name and click the 'add' button. 

In the overview of Project management you will see the project's name, the number of upcoming shows, if the Artist Paid account is enabled and the connected team members to that project. Click on the name of the project or click the pencil icon to view or edit your projects information.

Click the pencil icon or the name to open the project settings. Here you can:

  • edit the projects details
  • add a project logo
  • add their financial information
  • set standard information that will be added to new events
  • set region protection settings
  • set your sharing permissions (optional)
  • invite artist and crew members to see the artist calendar,
  • add project files such as technical riders and hospitality riders.
  • connect the ABOSS calendar with Facebook and Bandsintown

Important note: Once you add a new project, make sure you connect the new project to the users that need te be able to see or work on the project. Connect the new project in the team management settings.

Add and manage team members
Team management lists your invited Agency users. The overview shows you their username, function and the connected projects to the user. 

Here you can set the user permissions. Click on the username or click on the pencil icon to edit the settings. 

You can invite new team members by clicking the 'Add New User' button in the upper right corner. 

Agency Information
Enter your Agency details with the Agency Information settings and upload your agency logo. The logo will be visible on outgoing emails and will be used on your invoice and contract templates. 

Connect all your Public events from all your artists to your Agency Facebook page with the integrations settings and set your Region Protection settings for all your artists. 

Database settings
The Database settings let you upload Agency files. Agency files can be used as attachments for your outgoing emails through ABOSS. Attach your general terms when sending contracts for example. Manage your created event types and set up your invoice, contract and debtor numbering ranges. 

Your Invoice and contract templates are managed here. Create new templates with our editor and style your documents to match your companies look.

Set up your mail templates with default body texts when sending invoices, contracts, itineraries or guestlists. 

External Bookingform
The External Bookingform will let you send out a link for a promotor to fill out a bookings request. You can also embed the code on your website so you can take request from customers that are viewing your website. 

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