The overview is your central location to view all your events and their relative information. Select your events based on several parameters such as date, status and search on specific information. Display your selection with your selected set of columns to display your events and it's information in a single overview.

Search & Advanced Search
You can use the search option to search for specific events. For a more detailed filter you can select one of the columns in the advanced search and search for specific information that should be contained in the column or explicitly not contained in the column.

Date filter
Filter the events by a specific start and end date. You can lock your current selection by using the lock icon , this will remember your selection and locks the selection until you turn the lock off again. The default date range will show events from today until 3 years later. If you’d like to show the days in between the events you can click the ‘Days in Between’ icon, represented by two horizontal lines.

Status filter
Filter the events by their status, your selection will show only events that contains one of the selected statusses.

Column filter
You can use the column selector to select the specific columns you'd like to show for your current selection. This offers you the option to show specific financial information or show the contract and invoice status.

Like a specific selection of columns you made? Add a template by going to the  icon and saving your current selection with it's own name to be able to switch between different views in seconds.

You can export the selection you've made to a PDF or Excel file. The export will export only the selection of events you've made and include the columns selected in your dashboard. When you view the dashboard of a single project you can also export your selection as an Artist Statement. This will include different markup with your agency information to share directly with your artists.

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