The 'event' section will show you all the relevant information about your event. Each event is divided into different tabs, each tab contains a selection of information related to the event.

Date & Time
Each event needs to have a start and end date. When the time of the event isn't known yet, you can turn on the TBA (To Be Announced) switch, this will only show the date of the event.

In The Night
When a show's starttime is after midnight, it technically occurs on the next day. For example: Your artist is playing a festival on Friday, and the starttime of their show is 0:30 AM. Technically the show occurs on Saturday 0:30 AM, but on the contract you want to display Friday 0:30 AM. To achieve this, you can set the In the Night switch for this in the event tab or you can set it while adding a new booking.

Event Status
Select the status of the event. Hover your mouse over the current status to select a different status. 

Public API
If you want to display your events on Facebook, Bandsintown or your website, you can choose to set events Public within ABOSS. Tick the switch and the event will be shown on the connected services. Click on "select a date to set it public" and set the desired date to publish the event at the selected date.

Note & Administrate Note
You can add notes to the event through the note field, these notes will be visible for everybody that can see this event. If you'd like to add notes that are only visible for users with manage permissions on events, you can use the Administrate notes for this.

The event can be linked to a location from your location database. If the location doesn't yet exist, you can add it to your database here through our Google Places integration. Click on the location name to add more specific information about the location if you'll be using this location more often.

Event Files
Want to share files with your team members and artist/crew? Upload the files at the Event Files box to directly link these files to the event. You can add a parking permit, stageplan or technical information for the crew so they can view this directly from the ABOSS app.

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