Team Management is the section where you can add teammembers to the ABOSS Agency environment and set their permissions. 

Important note: Users invited to the ABOSS Agency environment will always be able to see the Agency's full contact database. This is important as Agency users will need the database to create events or work on advancing etc. 

You can find Team Management under the "Office" section by clicking the icon. 

Next, select "Team Management" 

Invite Users to ABOSS
To invite a team member to start using ABOSS, click on the "Add New User" button.

A new popup window will appear. Enter the name and emailaddress of the teammember and click "Add new user". The invited team member will receive an email with instructions to activate the account.

User Information
You will now see the User Information screen. Here you can complete the details of the user. 

Project Permissions
Here you can select all the projects that the user can view, manage or administrate.

To link a project to a user click the plus icon next to the project to connect the project to the user. 

Once the project is connected to the user the default permissions are set to "none", you'll be presented with a popup where you can set the permissions for the calendar, invoices, contracts and the deal. 

The following permission levels can be set:

  • None: this will hide the information for the user;
  • View: the user can view this module, but can not change anything;
  • Manage: the user can make changes to this module, but can not delete items;
  • Administrate: the user can view, manage and delete items in this module.

For example. One of your bookers can manage events for DJ Manual and he can view the contracts, but you don't want him to see any deal information or invoices. 

The proper way to set the project permissions would be the following:

Agency Permissions

Here you can set the "Agency Permissions" for the user. 

  • Agency Events: view, manage or delete agency events;
  • Invoices: view, manage or delete agency Invoices;
  • Contracts: view, manage or delete agency contracts;
  • Office: view, manage or delete office settings or users;
  • Files: view, manage or delete agency files;
  • Locations: view, manage or delete locations from the location module.

Setting the proper permissions per user is key for a safe ABOSS environment.

Please note: Our policy prevents us from taking requests to change user permissions. Only authorised users within your agency can set user permissions.

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