The advancing module can be used to add all your pre-production to your event. All the information added into the advancing module will be visible for your team and will automatically be shared with the artist and crew through the ABOSS app.

Update Event information
You can update each field by adding, editing or removing information from each field, your changes will be saved automatically.

Access the Advancing Pages
To open the Advancing pages click the 'View advancing' button in an event. The button is located in the upper right corner of ABOSS. 

Opening the Advancing pages will show you the following Tabs:

  • Event Information
  • Pre-Production
  • Contacts
  • Guestlist
  • Invoice
  • Balance
  • Show Report, summery

Event Information Tab

General information
Here you can add or change general information about the event. This section contains things like the event name, event website, ticketlink, start and end time of the show, etc. 

Add or change the location of the event. 

Event Files
View or upload event files to the event. 

Availability check for artist and crew members
Link existing contacts from your contact database or create new contacts, to add them to the event. Send them an email from the system to check if they are available for the event. Their reply will be updated in the system automatically.
If you already know if they are available, you can set their status yourself by clicking the colored circles.

Pre-Production Tab

The Pre-Production page contains the technical information about the event. All the information added into the advancing module will be visible for your team and will automatically be shared with the artist and crew through the ABOSS app.

Update the status
You can update the status of each field directly from the top right corner of the field. To update the status of a specific field, hover over the little circle in top right of the field and four options will appear; gray (off), red, orange and green. Select the status you'd like to update the specific field to and you're done!

The itinerary
All the information you enter in the advancing module will be displayed on your itinerary and is available through the ABOSS App. To view the itinerary, click on the  icon to preview the itinerary PDF. 

External Request for Advancing
You can send a link to the promoter and let them fill out all the information about the event. Add the received information straight into ABOSS. After approval of the agent the information will be added to the booking.

Time Schedule
With the Time Schedule you can plan the day. Set your soundcheck time, Get In band, dinner, Showtime, etc.

Add songs to the setlist. You can drag and drop the order of the songs. Export the setlist as a PDF or print the setlist by clicking the document icon in the upper right corner of the setlist screen. 

Basic Information
Here you can administrate the navigation address of the venue and also add your Parking Info and Load In information. 

Advanced Information
This contains the remaining technical information about the event. What stage is the artist playing? Do we need a Parking Permit and did we receive it already?

There are other checks as well. Is the backline confirmed and is the Hospitality rider sent or confirmed? Etc. 

Contacts Tab

This is the place to link contacts to the event. Linked contacts will be visible on the itinerary and in the ABOSS App.

Linked contacts are also visible on the road. With the ABOSS app you'll have all contacts available under the press of a button. 

Guestlist Tab

Keep track of your guest with the ABOSS Guestlist. Add names, email addresses, company details and notes for each guest. Download the list as a PDF file or send it to the Promoter by mailing the Guestlist. 

Invoices Tab

Create your Invoices on the Invoice tab. Click the green '+' to add a new invoice. Click on the invoice and add the details in the form. With the invoice status you can keep track if the invoice is sent and paid. 

Balance Tab

Keep track of your finances
With the Balance Tab you can keep track of the finances for this event. Add Income and Costs to the system and let ABOSS calculate your Total net result. 

Show Report

Review your show
The Show report offers you a chance to review the show. It is split up in general remarks, remarks about the show itself and remarks about the technical part of the show. 

You can also add reviews to the linked contacts to this event. How did everybody do? What can we do better next time?

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