When a show's starttime is after midnight, it technically occurs on the next day.

For example:

  • Your artist is playing a festival on Friday, and the starttime of their show is 0:30 AM. 
  • Technically the show occurs on Saturday 0:30 AM.
  • On the contract you want to display Friday 0:30 AM.

To achieve this, you can set the "In the Night" switch for this in the event tab or you can set it while adding a new booking.

Your dashboard wil organise the shows in the correct order after setting the in the night switch. The iOS app will also display the same order of events.

Your iCal calendar will show the correct date (in this case, the 23rd of December) of the event in the overview and will inform you in time when alerts are set.

That is basically what the in the night option does within ABOSS.

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