When you want to send an invoice for the artist which is not linked to an event, you can use the following methode.

Note: you can use this for creating an artist invoice. You need to have a template set up for invoicing for the artist.

Select the project
First, from the dashboard, select the project you want to send the invoice from.

The next step is to select the invoice module from the sidebar.

Create the invoice
From here you add a new invoice by clicking the blue "+" button.
A new invoice will appear. 

  • You can now link the invoice to a client by clicking the "link" symbol
  • Or you can fill out the details of the client yourself

The last step is to fill out the description on the invoice and add the amount you want to invoice. Click the green "+" button to add the invoice post.

You can now preview the PDF or send out the invoice. 

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