So you want to send out an External Bookingform to a promoter so he/she can fill out a booking request. This article will show you how you can manage to do that. 

If you have already set up your "External Bookingform" you can continue reading the article. If you need to set up your form, click the button below. 

Send the link to a Promoter
You will find the "External Bookingform" in the "Office" section. 

Click on "External Bookingform" 

You will see an overview of your external bookingforms. Select the one you want to use by clicking on the title. 

On the right side you will find the link you can use to send to the promoter. Copy the link. Make sure you copy the whole line. 

Paste the link in an email and send it out!

Pro tip!
You can add the link to your browser's bookmarks to copy and paste it faster if you need to send one out.

What happens next?
The receiver clicks on the link and fills out the form. A new browser window will appear. 

He/She completes the form and sends it back to you.

Notification in ABOSS
Within ABOSS you will receive a notification in your top bar. This will inform you there is something that needs your attention.

Click on the "alarm bell" and your new notifications will display a blue dot in front of the message. 

New Booking Request
Click on the message to view the external booking request. 

You can edit fields by clicking the "pencil" icon on the right top corner

Edit the field and click "Save" 

Accept / Decline
At the bottom of the page you will find the overview of the selected artist by the promoter.

Clicking on the arrow on the right side will show the details of the event

When you have checked all the fields, you can either:

  • Add event to DJ Manual's calendar
  • Decline request for DJ Manual

Accepting the request will add all the info to the event and you can now view it in your calendar. By declining the request you will need to inform the promoter..

Delete Notification
When you are done, you can delete the request from your notifications. 

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