With "Event Labels" you can label shows and make them more visible in your dashboard and calendar view and you can set permissions to users based on the event labels. 

Adding new labels
When you want to add a new label, open the event you want to label. 

On the left side in the event view you will find the Label(s) field. Enter the name of the label in the "Add a label..." field en press enter. You will now see the added label.

The next time you use the same labels there will be an auto-complete function which will show you the labels you've created and used before. This prevents you to create duplicate labels. 

Manage your labels
To see which labels you have created you can navigate to "Settings".

Click on "Event Labels" .

You will now see all the labels that are created and used in events. 

If you want to give your labels a different colour, you can select the colour by clicking the coloured dot. Pick any colour you like. If you want the colour to display in the calendar or dashboard view, make sure you click on the "star".

The colours will correspond with the event and your dashboard view would look like this.

And the calendar would look like this. 

By using colours, you can quickly recognise certain types of shows. 

Setting permissions and user rights
Once you've set up your labels you can now set permissions for users. For example, you only want a part of the artist crew to only see the festival shows. To set these permissions, go to "Settings" 

Click on "User Management".

Click on the "lock" icon of the user you want to change permissions for.

A new popup window will appear. Scroll down to "Add event Label" and "Choose a Label".

A new row with permission options will appear under "Calendar Event(s)". 

This user permissions in the example above are now set to:

  • Calendar Events, he can't see any events in the calendar
  • Calendar Events, he can administrate events in the calendar if it has a "Festival" event label.

This gives you more control over individual user rights. You can add multiple "event labels" and set the permissions for each individual label. 

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