To filter your invoice list, click the filter icon located in the search bar at the top of the list. This will open the filter popup.

You can filter your invoice list on project, date and status.
The default view for the list is the whole year you’re currently in. To change the dates, click on either the from or to date and select the required date from the date picker.

Only want to see all invoices that are ready to send or view all your paid invoices? You can select multiple statuses to view all invoices corresponding with that status.

  • Open: All invoices that haven’t been sent and/or paid.
  • Ready: All invoices that are checked as ready.
  • Sent: All invoices that are sent and NOT paid. 
  • Paid: All invoices that are paid.

You can use a combination of different statuses for specific views e.g.:

  • Open & Ready: View all invoices that are ready to sent but haven’t been sent yet.
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