With Region Protection you'll get an insight of possible conflicts that are currently in your calendar. Conflicts for Region Protection are based on a certain distance (As the crow flies) and within a certain timeframe.

Setting up Region Protection
You can set up Region Protection on different levels. 

  • Agency level, Region Protection is active for all your projects and events
  • Project level, Region Protection is active for selected projects and all their events
  • Event level, Region Protection is not active, unless specified in a specific event.

You can enter the following parameters:

  • Radius in meters
  • Days before the event
  • Days after the event

Region Protection for All Projects
To setup Region Protection for all your projects, click on 'Office' and select 'Agency Information'. Here you will find the settings. Select the Radius in meters, days before and days after the event.

Region Protection for Selected Projects
To setup Region Protection for selected projects, click on 'Office' and click on Project Management and select the Region Protection Tab. Select your variables.

Region Protection for selected events
If you want to check a single event, you can set the distance and dates in the event tab. Click 'Save' to show your result. 

See conflicts on the Event tab
Click 'Show Events' to see which shows might conflict. 

Important notes: 

  • To check for conflicts, your locations need latitude and longitude information. This will be automatically added to your locations when you add them through the Google Search in ABOSS.
  • Currently the distance is measured in Meters. If you want to know the distance in Miles, Yards, etc. you can use Google to calculate the proper value in Meters.

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