The contract module is where you can search and filter through all your contracts in ABOSS.

Contract Items
Each contract is represented as an item in the left list. Here you can see all the basic information such as the status (Orange is sent, green is confirmed), project, client, date and the contract number for the contract.

Search & Filter Contracts
You can use the search field to search on contract number, client company or client email address. To further filter the selection press the filter button located in the search bar. Here you can filter by date selection and you can only show contracts with the status Ready, Sent, Retour or Confirmed.

Ordering your Contracts
You can order your contract by several different values such as contract date, contract number, status or event date. To reverse the order of the list click on the value for a second time.

Link the contact
You can use the chain icon located next to 'No contact linked to this contract' to link a contact to your contract. This contact will be used as contact on the contract, when the contact has been linked to a company the company name and address will be used.

Add your contract number
You can add a manual contract number to your invoice. You can also setup your contract numbering through Office, this will make sure that each contract will get it's own individual contract number. After setting up your contract numbering in Office, you can select the correct numbering when the contract number field in the contract is selected.

When creating a new contract it will automatically select the default contract template from ABOSS. If you've created your own template in Office > Contract Templates, you can select this template from the template selector. Select the template you'd like to use from the dropdown located at the bottom of the contract

Mail from ABOSS
You can send your contract from ABOSS through the 'Mail Contract' functionality. To send an email, click on the 'Mail Contract' button located next to the email address of the recipient. This will open a mail window where you can add a body text, other recipients, change the subject of the email and add attachments. If the linked event contains invoices as well, you have the option to send the contract and invoices in one email. Click on the black arrow in the 'Mail Contract' to display the 'Send contract with invoices' option. 

Want to mail from your own email domain? Check out this article on how to set this up.

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