Add a new invoice to your event
To add a new invoice to your event you can click on the green 'Add new invoice' button. This will add a new invoice to your event, you can select your desired template and finish your invoice from here.

Link invoices to one or more events
When you create an invoice from within the event, it is automatically linked to that event. You can link an invoice to multiple events. Click the 'Link event to Invoice' button to select events from the calendar. 

Invoice numbering
Enter your invoice number manually, or set up an invoice numbering range to automatically keep track of your latest issued invoice number. 

Keep track of the Invoice status by using the status switches. Link your contact from your contact database to the invoice by clicking the 'chain' icon. You can preview your invoice by clicking the 'Preview PDF' button. 

Add additional Posts to your invoice
You can add additional invoice posts to your invoice. Enter a description, VAT percentage and an amount. Click the green '+' to add the line to the invoice. 

Customize your Invoice
Sometimes you want to edit a single invoice. You can use the 'Customize this invoice' option for that. By customizing an invoice you can change the layout of this invoice only. Your original template stays unaffected. 

Send the invoice
Once you are done you can send the email by clicking the 'Mail' button.

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