To add a project to your agency environment click on the "Office" button in the sidebar. 

Next select "Project Management" by clicking on it.

To add a new project, type in the name of your project and select the green "ADD" button.

Project Info
A new window will appear. By default you will see the "Project Info" tab. Here you can enter the "Project information" like the artists address and website. 

Artist Logo
You can upload a project logo by clicking the blue arrow and select it from your computer. You can also drag the logo on top of the blue arrow.

Calendar Title Format
You can optionally choose to set the format in which you want shows to display in the calendar by clicking the "Calendar Title Format" dropdown box.

Standard Info tab

Here you can register standard information you want to display while adding an event to your calendar. 

For example, DJ Manual is playing 20 shows for his "Education Tour 2017". Each show will  have a set duration of 90 minutes. You can enter the tourname in the event title box and administrate the set duration in the corresponding box. 

When you add an event for DJ Manual, this information will be pre-filled.
You can also register information about the fee, bookingsfee or VAT.
Note: These fields are optional and you don't have to fill them with all the details.

Financial Info tab
Here you can register the financial information about the project. This information can also be used on your invoices and contracts.

Artist/Crew tab
You can invite the Artist and/or crew members to use the free Artist environment to view the agency calendar and show information. This wil give you an overview of the invited Artist/Crew members and you can invite users from this screen.  

Files tab
Here you can upload files about your project. For example a technical rider or bio. Click the blue arrow to upload a file or just drag the file into your browser. Files that are uploaded here can be merged when you email a contract or invoice. 

Integrations tab
Here you can add the tourdates from the calendar to a Facebook page from the artist or from your agency.

You are now done with setting up the information about your project. When you return to "Project Management" you will see the project you just entered. 

Once the Project is created, it can be added to team members. Click here to read more on connecting projects to team members. 

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