So you are looking for a way to let your clients fill out a booking request for one or multiple artists. We have created the External Bookingform for this. 

The External Bookingform will let you send out a link for a promotor to fill out a booking request. You can also embed the code on your website so you can take request from customers that are viewing your website. 

Setting up your External Bookingform
The External Bookingform is located under the "Office" section. 

Now select "External Bookingform".

Here you will find your created External Bookingforms. If you have not yet created one, you can add it here by clicking the "+" button or click on the text. 

On the right side of the screen you can name your External Bookingform by adding a title.

Selecting your Projects
Click on "Select Projects" and select which projects you want to display on the External Bookingform. 

Click on "Save Form" 

You will now see a preview of the layout in the screen. 

Select Fields
The next step is to click on "Select Fields" on the right side menu. This will let you choose which information you want the promotor to fill out. There a 3 sections of fields you can select. 

  • Event info
  • Deal info
  • Advancing Info

After selecting the proper fields, click on "Save Form" 

Organise Fields
The following option you have is to organise your fields. Click on "Order Fields". You can now drag fields in an order to your liking. 

Click on "Save Form".

Styling / Designing your form
If you want to change the colours of the borders or fonts you can go crazy here. Click on "Styling / Design"

For changing the background colour for example you can click on the colour and select the colour you like. You can also use colour codes if you are looking for a specific colour. 

For round borders you can set the "Input Corner Radius"

Preview Example
These options can make your External Bookingform look something like this.

Optional text
You can add an introduction text or a message that will be displayed when a promotor completed the External Bookingform. 

Once you are satisfied with your form, save it one last time and it's ready for use.  

External Bookingform Links
At the bottom of the right side of the screen you will find two links.

  • The first one is the one you can send out to the promotor.
  • The second one is the link you need when you want to embed the External Bookingform to your website. This is the code your website builder needs if you want to set this up. 

You can select the links and copy them. Make sure you copy the complete line of text.

Using the External Bookingform
To learn more about using the External Bookingform, click the button below.

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