If you want an overview of the status of your invoices and contracts, you can select the 'invoice' and 'contract' columns in your Dashboard. 

The columns inform you about the status of an invoice or contract.
For the contract the status can be: created, sent and confirmed.
For the invoice the status can be: created, sent and paid

The color of the icon can be:

  • Grey, there is no invoice or contract created in the event.
  • Black, there is a contract or invoice, but the status has not been set.
  • Green, there is a contract or invoice and the status has been set.

The status is linked to the switches in the invoice or contracts.

If you want to open an invoice or contract with a single click, you can use the following icon in the column.

By selecting the columns you can get a quick overview on which contracts or invoices need your attention. 

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