From anywhere in the system you can create a new booking by clicking the 'Add new booking' button in the top bar. Clicking the button will open the Booking flow wizard. 

At the top you see four tabs. 

  • Booking
  • Client Info
  • Deal
  • Event Info


The first tab of the wizard contains the booking details. Here you can set the Event title, the Client details, the Project(s), Event status and event date and times. 

Select the client
To select your client, you can start typing the name of the client at the 'Who's the client?' input field. The search box will search your contact database for existing clients. Select the client by clicking on their name. 

If the client does not exist in your contact database, you can add the client as a new company. 

You will now be present with a few additional questions. 

  • Who is the contact for the client company?
  • Who is the contact that needs to be on the Contract?
  • Who is the contact that needs to be on the Invoice(s)?
  • What is the Location of the event?

The booking flow searches for linked contacts to the company. Simply select the contact you want to link or create a new contactperson that is linked to that company by clicking the green '+' icon. 

The booking flow will also keep track of previous linked venues for easy selection. If the venue is not shown, click the green '+' to Add a venue to the event. After selecting the venue you have the option to select a specific Hall to the venue. 

When you are done, click 'Submit current selection'.

Select your Project(s)
Click 'No project selected' to open the dropdown menu containing your projects. Select one or more projects for which the event(s) should be created. 

If you have a lot of projects, you can use the 'Search for a project' option. Simply type the first few letters of the project's name to narrow down your dropdown menu.  

Select the event date and check for conflicts
Enter a start date for the event.

 Once the date is selected, you will see if there are conflicts in the calendar. This will prevent you from adding bookings on the same day. It is also a double check for the distance between two events that occur a few days apart. If the first event is in Australia and the event the next day is in Europe, the travel time might be tight, causing you to miss the second event. 

Note: A conflict is just a warning. If you submit the event anyway, the event is added to the calendar. 

Times of the event
If you want to add the set times of the event, deselect the 'TBA' switch. 

You can also register the event as an All day event and you can set the in the night switch if the show starts after midnight. 

Client Info

The client info tab generates an overview of your selected contacts linked as a client, on the contract and on the invoice(s). 

You can link and unlink the client details by clicking the 'chain' icons in the upper right corner of the wizard. 


In the Deal tab you can set your Fee and booking fee percentage. Select the currency for the event and set your ticket prices. 

Note: These fields are all optional. If you prefer to set the fees in the event itself, you can add this later on the deal page in the event. 

Event Info

The Event Info tab shows your linked location. If you did not link a location yet, you can link it here by using the 'chain' icon in the location bar.  

Here you can also check if there are any regional conflicts concerning this event. 

At the bottom of the page, you can add additional information such as; Event website, set duration and notes. 

Submit booking
When all is done, click 'Submit Booking' to add the event to the calendar. 

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